Basic concepts

Data profiles

Data profiles are used for calibrating the raw data into commercial metrics. We provide industry standard data profiles for multiple locations in out-of-home advertising and more.

Understanding data profiles

When a sensor measures it's surroundings and transmits the raw data to our cloud platform, further processing is required for many industries to use the data as a commercial metric.

The data profiles are profiles that are applied to assets or sensors to calibrate and convert the raw data into commercial metrics that can be used for business purposes.

Our platform is able to perform this calibration and conversion on the fly, automatically.

What is a data profile?

In essence, a data profile is set of corrective factors that can be applied to an asset or sensor.

In it's simplest form, a data profile can be a multiplier that takes the raw data and multiplies it by the specified factor to convert it to a commercial metric, usable for business purposes.

Raw count * Multiplier = Commercial metric

In more advanced use cases, the data profile can take into account the different dwell times and more.

When applying a data profile onto an asset, it may also take into account the size of the screen, illumination, viewing angle and much more.

The data profiles are mostly industry specific while some industries do not use them at all.

Digital out-of-home advertising industry

We work very closely with the different organizations in the out-of-home advertising industry and talk to several industry experts and thought leaders on how to standardize real-time data as a currency within the digital out-of-home advertising industry.

Hypercell is a member of World Out Of Home Organization, Out of Home Advertising Association of America (OAAA) and Global Digital Out of Home (DPAA).

Assets and sensors