The user interface

Our user interface can be used to manage the account settings and to access data.

Setting up your account on your first login

Your account requires a basic setup upon logging in for the first time. The setup includes choosing a suitable client experience, selecting a subscription type. Optionally you may also opt in to have access to some demo locations, in order to familiarize yourself with the features of our service.

Client experience

Our service provides some industry specific metrics and the user experience may be optimized for different industry specific use cases. The selection of a client experience let's you select the suitable experience for your industry.

The client experience offers a selection for the following industries and use cases:

Client experienceDescription
Location-based mediaOut-of-home advertising operators and advertisers
RetailShopping malls, boutiques and other retail clients
Property technologyProperty management companies and operators
Smart citiesPublic sector, city departments and organizations

By choosing the most suitable client experience, you will help us provide you with the best experience in using our services.

The client experience may be changed later from the account settings.


The detailed description about subscription can be found under Subscription options.

Demo locations

During the first login process, you will have the option to enable a selection of demo locations, in order to gain access to some demo data.

The demo locations and data can help you in familiarizing yourself with our service and the kind of data our service provides.

The demo locations are selected by our staff and may occasionally be changed.

The settings of the demo locations and assets cannot be modified.

User interface pages


The user interface has an overview dashboard for quickly checking the relevant information about the health of your assets and some statistics.

Browse data

The browse data page provides access to tools for visualizing the data from your assets. This view provides information on the count at any given time, as well as averaging over the hours of the day and days of the week. This view also illustrates the dwell times from the desired time period.

Map view

The map view provides a view of all your assets as they are located in the real world. Each asset or location can be clicked to view additional details, including the latest summary of data.

Assets and settings

This page provides access to view and configure any settings your assets might have. It includes a list of assets and sensors, while also provifing access to groups, thresholds and more.

Access control

Access control is used to grant access to new users and to manage API credentials. This page also provides tools for managing administrative access to other users.

Account management

The account management page is used to manage your account settings. This includes your personal profile, subscription settings and billing and order information.


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Subscription options