Subscription options

There are multiple subscription options available for our service. The subscription is set up during the first login to your account.

Overview of different subscription options

We provide three subscription types to choose from.

  • Starter
  • Professional
  • Enterprise

The Starter subscription is a free subscription for up to three assets or sensors, while the Professional and Enterprise are are paid subscription options with no limit on assets or sensors.

Free usage

Our Starter subscription is a forever free option to use our service.

We currently do not offer a free trial of the paid subscriptions. All functionality is available on the Starter subscription while certain limitations are enforced.

Subscription pool

The paid subscription options are based on a pool approach. This means that each asset or sensor in your account will count toward the size limit of the pool.

Upon setting up a paid subscription, you will need to specify a size of pool for your usage. In essence, the size of your pool will determine how many assets or sensors your account will be able to manage at any given time.

Increasing the pool size

In the case you want to manage more assets or sensors than your pool size allows, you are able to increase the size of you subscription pool by purchasing additional licenses.

When creating new software sensors, ordering new hardware sensors or adding new third party sensors, you will be prompted if your subscription pool is out of capacity and you may expand your pool size automatically.

The increase in your subscription pool capacity will impact your billing.

Decreasing the pool size

In the event of needing to reduce the size of you subscription pool, you will be able to decrease the size from the user interface by accessing your account settings.


If you are utilizing all of the licenses in your subscription pool, you will need to decommission some assets or sensors before being able to decrease the pool capacity.

Subscription type comparison

The following table provides a comparison of the features and characteristics of our subscription options.

Starter Professional Enterprise
Maximum number of assets3 assets Unlimited Unlimited
Maximum number of users1 user Unlimited Unlimited
Access to user interfaceYes Yes Yes
REST APIStandard Standard Enterprise
Impression dataYes Yes Yes
Dwell time dataYes Yes Yes
Route dataNo Yes Yes
Data history7 days Unlimited Unlimited
Commercial data sharingNo No Yes

Changing the subscription type

In the event if you want to change the active subscription type, it can be modified from account settings, in the user interface.

When upgrading your subscription from Starter to Professional, you need to also setup the payment information.

While upgrading from Professional to Enterprise, the existing information is used and updated. You may need to re-confirm part of your payment information (for example the credit card authorization).

When downgrading your subscription, you will lose access to any additional features that are not part of the lower subscription type.


An account with a Professional or Enterprise subscription cannot be downgraded back to a Starter subscription.

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