Basic concepts


Groups can be used to group multiple assets and sensors together. A single asset or sensor can be a part of multiple groups at the same time.

Understanding groups

A group can be used simply to refer to a bunch of assets or sensors with a single reference, making it faster and easier to get data.

Groups can be used to quickly access data on a specific subset of your assets or sensors. For example a you could have a group for all your assets in Manhattan and a separate group for your assets in Brooklyn. You could also use groups to distinguish between your static and mobile assets.

Additionally groups can be used to limit access for users to only a specific set of assets or sensors, making it ideal for sharing data with your clients.

What is a group?

In essence, a group is simply combination of one or multiple assets or sensors grouped under one common name.

One asset or sensor may belong to one or multiple groups at the same time. An asset or sensor does not need to belong in any group.

Data profiles