API basics

Our API provides tools for integrating our services as part of your own business. We provide an API for all needed actions for effectively managing your configuration and accessing data.

Accessing our API

Our API can be accessed using the following URL:

The alternative URL for the API is:


All requests to the API need to be authenticated using API credentials.

The API credentials, also known as a token, are passed along with the header of the request using a x-api-key variable.


The API sends all responses in a JSON encoded format.

Example request

The following cURL example sends a request to fetch hourly data.

curl --request GET '' \
--header 'x-api-key: [YOUR SECRET TOKEN]'

API methods

In general, our API uses the following methods.

GETFetch data or resource(s)
POSTCreate a resource
PATCHModify a resource
DELETEDelete a resource

API endpoints

Our API provides to different functionalities.

Data APIProvides access to data (read-only)
Management APIUsed to manage resources (read/write)

A detailed list of endpoints can be found in the API reference.

The user interface